Innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration

Here at Cool Expert, we wish to make our contribution to protecting the environment by the use of environmentally neutral refrigeration and air conditioning technology. It’s worthwhile investing today in environmentally neutral technology.

Act in harmony with nature. Rely on a competent partner, who delivers what he promises.

We supply refrigeration and air conditioning technology to food retailers using natural refrigerants.
Our technology is tried-and-tested and operationally proven. It is supported by an innovative monitoring system. We not only visualise power consumption but can also display the efficiency and strengths and weaknesses of systems.
Using natural refrigerants helps to utilise energy in a sensible way.

Our cooling controllers with data loggers record all the key refrigeration and air conditioning system data, enabling us to continuously access systems and detect faults at an early stage. Your system will run more smoothly with our innovative defrosting systems, enabling you to save on refrigeration time and energy with fewer defrosting intervals.

Cool Export would like to positively remain in the minds of satisfied customers, with our sustainable products for refrigeration and air conditioning technology. “Environmentally neutral cooling” is our slogan.


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