For the benefit of customers – in harmony with the environment

Environmental pollution is constantly increasing in our highly industrialised world. The poles are massively affected by climate change. Record levels of melting ice create flooding and rising water levels. Is this the kind of world we wish to leave behind for our children?

Cool Expert is your partner for efficient and environmentally neutral refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Our experience is based on years of research, with a focus on control, measuring and regulation technology. Today our strengths lie in the control and monitoring of consumption data.

We establish whether your system is running efficiently and where weak points are located, regardless of whether you are operating a single system or several identical systems. We provide modern, tried-and-tested, efficient technology to your plant constructor, enabling you to continue using your existing plant constructor, thanks to this know-how transfer.

Cool Expert’s service engineers are always available and can quickly respond on site in the event of possible faults or malfunctions.


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